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Using Student Created Assessments

Assessment is an important part of the learning process. On the teacher’s part, it should help guide their teaching. Using formative assessments can help identify what students are getting, and more importantly, what they are not getting. I say the latter is more important because identifying problem areas allows us to modify our approach so learning improves. KahootWhat if we were to have students create assessments though? I sometimes have my students create short 10 question review quizzes using Kahoot. This enables students to tap into several ISTE NETS standards. They must engage in Critical Thinking to be able to draw information from class materials and create questions. Students can Collaborate. This makes it so there are not so many quizzes that we cannot possibly access them all, and working together should help the students create higher quality assessments. Technology Literacy is also evident here because the students are learning to use technology for productive reasons.

Take a look at my previous post on creating and using Kahoots in class, Kahoot: A New Assessment Option for more information on how to use Kahoot. Students can create Kahoots on topics being covered in class. As part of the creation process, tags can be added to help others find them later.  Just have students enter a unique agreed upon tag that you can search later and use to find the Kahoots using your account. Then do a tag word search to find and retrieve student created assessments. This way, you can display them on a smartboard using your account, and you won’t have to spend time logging in and out of student accounts.

Do you have any experience with Kahoot? How do you use it? Please share your ideas. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @JoshuaElliott3 for more tips and ideas.



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