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Creating Connections in Educational Technology with a Capstone

One great thing about educational technology is that is is always evolving. Courses are more of a collaborative experience because everyone can contribute. I always walk away from my courses having learned something about a new tool or strategy. This perpetual evolution requires educational technology programs to be regularly updated in order to stay relevant. As part of a recent program update, the Fairfield University Educational Technology program replaced the required comprehensive exam with a capstone course. The line of thinking was that a written exam cannot properly assess what a person has learned in the program.  However, a capstone can really showcase what a student has learned. The result is a more accurate portrayal of what the student is capable of. In turn, the student has the potential of having something great to show potential employers. This past semester (Spring 2017) was the first time the course ran. There were three students enrolled. They produced some great work. This post showcases the first of the three student capstones.

Chris Vescovi: Chris worked with another student in the program who was just admitted in the fall. Chris has an amazing skill set, but is also able to speak to people about educational technology topics in an approachable manner. This is great for those who want to introduce technology into their classrooms but are apprehensive about the process.

Chris worked with Nick, who shows a lot of promise in educational technology, to come up with ways that technology can be infused in a fifth grade class. Chris and Nick discussed several common issues (and possible solutions) as they encountered them. Their project could serve as a guide for districts as they encourage teachers to introduce technology into their classrooms.

Their work also shows how the overall program and local districts can partner to help each other. Fairfield Educational Technology students benefit by working with the districts to complete their program requirements and create a showcase of their work. Districts get somebody with a solid skill set who is willing to come in and help their teachers better infuse technology into their teaching. I hope you find it useful. Please share it with others who might also benefit from it. Enjoy!

5th Grade Tech Infusion: A Capstone in K-12 Consultation

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