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Top Ten Assessment Tutorials

Assessment is essential for gauging student comprehension. Here are ten tutorials relating to assessment tools and strategies. Enjoy!

Technology Tools for Exit Slips: Amy Cristofer & Sr. Lauren Zak

Assessment Tools: Kahoot and Socrative: Alexis Palazzo & Becca Corso

Assessing Student Growth with Google Forms: Scott Dempsey

Stick Pick: Replace your coffee can and popsicle sticks with this formative assessment app: Fernanda Oliveira

Google Forms Assessment: Valeria Leardini

Providing Parental Feedback Using Class Dojo by Joshua Giannone

No Red Ink tutorial by Angela Sammarone

Class Dojo video tutorial by Stephanie Geehan

How to: Wiggio by Megan Conners

No Red Ink tutorial by Angela Sammarone

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