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Kahoot: A New Assessment Option

Note: Kahoot has added a team option that allows students to work collaboratively as a group since this post was originally written.

In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about Assessment and Apps tools.  I use the tools I spoke about in that post in different classes depending on the course, the content, and the students.  However, I am always looking for new resources to share.  Last night in my methods class, I was watching a student present about King Henry the VIII.  The assessment he used was very interesting.  He used a program named Kahoot.  The simplest way to describe Kahoot is that it is similar to Socrative.  I am not suggesting that Kahoot is a better option, just an alternative to check out.  Here are some of the features that make it worth mentioning.  Kahoot has the usual testing options of multiple choice, discussion, and survey questions.  Some cool features are that you can add a picture or video, which adds a more personal touch.  There is also a feature of Kahoot where people can share quizzes they have made.  This allows other users to make copies that they can use in their entirety or that they can modify to meet their needs.  After you give a test, you can also download the results so you can better gauge student understanding and areas of concern.

The user interface is easy for students to navigate.  To start, students must access the link at  Students can use a laptop, smartphone, or tablet.  A screen will appear for the student to enter the game pin provided to the teacher when they activate the quiz.  A screenshot example can be seen to the left.  Once the quiz starts, students answer questions while the instructor regulates the speed of the quiz by advancing the quiz questions as needed.  For each question, the student gets a response telling them if they were correct or incorrect.

Kahoot is worth looking at.  Its use can increase student engagement because of its interactive quality and the ability to customize quizzes with pictures and videos.  If you have not seen it yet, check out my post about other  Assessment and Apps tools.  I am also placing a link for Kahoot on my Resources page.  Let me know if you know of assessment resources also. New resources are always welcome.

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