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5 Education Books with Fresh Perspectives and Great Ideas

Professional growth is essential and can come in many forms. With options like Twitter and Google+, books are sometimes overlooked. Books can be great sources of information when seeking more in depth information on particular topics. These are some of the more informational books I have read about education and educational technology. I chose books…

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and QR Codes

I hope you enjoy this video about using QR codes in the classroom. Please share it with others. Do you have ideas for using qr codes in your class? Share them in the comments. Thanks! Share This:

Perceptions of Teacher Technology Skills

I have written about the concept of digital natives in previous posts.  My assertion was that although sound in concept, the term digital native could raise some misperceptions.  I have met many people for whom English is a second language who speak the language very fluently and competently.  I have also met many who grew…

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Learning From Our Mistakes

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” -Einstein Part of the growth process involves risk.  I often tell students that I will be pushing them out of their comfort zone.  I use the analogy of exercise.  You will not get stronger by lifting light weights that are not a challenge for…

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Digital Native Reevaluated

There is a common line of thinking that students have an inherent advantage to teachers when it comes to the use of technology (Prensky, 2010).  Prensky (2010) coined the terms digital native and digital immigrant.  The term digital native refers to those who grow up exposed to technology. Conversely, a digital immigrant has not grown…

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