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Optimizing Classroom Discussion with Student Devices

Educational technology is a valuable classroom tool, but budgetary constraints can hinder availability. Some school districts have the ability to provide devices to every student, while other districts struggle to provide one operational computer lab. Listed below are some technology resources that can enhance classroom discussion despite the budgeting issues that many districts face. Some…

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Using Student Created Assessments

Assessment is an important part of the learning process. On the teacher’s part, it should help guide their teaching. Using formative assessments can help identify what students are getting, and more importantly, what they are not getting. I say the latter is more important because identifying problem areas allows us to modify our approach so…

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5 Great Uses for Google Forms in the Classroom

I often use Microsoft Office as a point of reference when introducing people to Google Drive and its related apps. I point out that each component of Office has a comparable program in Google Apps. Then I discuss the positives and negatives of each Google App as compared to the equivalent Office program.  One common Google…

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Using Google Forms for Assessment and Data Gathering

I teach Advanced Placement Psychology at the high school where I work.  There is some pressure associated with this because I am the only one teaching AP Psychology and poor student performance would be completely on me.  More importantly, the student put their faith in me to prepare them adequately for the exam.  The good…

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Kahoot: A New Assessment Option

Note: Kahoot has added a team option that allows students to work collaboratively as a group since this post was originally written. In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about Assessment and Apps tools.  I use the tools I spoke about in that post in different classes depending on the course, the content, and…

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