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Highlighting Tool: A Great Google Add-On Resource

Add-ons are a great resource to use in Google Drive. They open a host of options when using Google Apps. There are add-ons available for several of the different available apps. These include self grading add-ons for Google Forms like Flubaroo and Easy Bib for easing the task of citing your sources when writing a research…

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Resources and Lessons Learned at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference

I had the pleasure of attending the Teaching Professor Technology Conference in New Orleans a couple weeks ago.  My presentation was Blended-Learning Strategies to Extend the Learning Day. It was a great experience on many levels. Sacred Heart made a great contribution to help defray the cost of the trip which made me feel valued by…

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Presentation Resources and Options for the Classroom

The school year is approaching, and we will be back in the classroom soon.  I have added a few links to the Resources Page so I wanted to mention them.  In this post, I write about the links for presentation resources.  I will also refer to some better-known presentation tools that are still worth mentioning….

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Online and Smartphone Resources for Improving Classroom Engagement and Assessment

I had the pleasure of participating in a learning event a couple weeks ago at Sacred Heart University.  The event known as Faculty Showcase: Teaching Innovations- Experiments from the Classroom was a great opportunity for college instructors to share ideas with each other about what does and does not work in each of our classrooms….

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Perceptions of Teacher Technology Skills

I have written about the concept of digital natives in previous posts.  My assertion was that although sound in concept, the term digital native could raise some misperceptions.  I have met many people for whom English is a second language who speak the language very fluently and competently.  I have also met many who grew…

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