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Using Lucidchart for Mind Mapping and Graphic Organizers

A while back, I wrote a blog named:¬†5 Really Cool Google Apps Related Resources for the Classroom. In that post, I mentioned Lucidchart. ¬†Lucidchart is a great resource for mindmapping and creating graphic organizers. It can be used in Google Apps. Other options for mindmapping and graphic organizers are Google Drawings and MindMeister. I like…

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Google Drive App Add-Ons

In Google Drive, you have the option of starting many different¬†projects using various Google Apps. These Apps include Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms. Did you know you can find and add more though? There is an option for adding more apps beyond the stock apps that come with Google Drive. This can be done…

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5 Really Cool Google Apps Related Resources for the Classroom

There are many things you can do with Google Apps. Here are five things I often find myself showing to people when showing them how to use various aspects of Google Apps during professional development. I would usually include some of the others I have written about in previous posts also, but I will leave…

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