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The Evolution From Traditional to Online Professional Development: A Review

The Evolution From Traditional To Online Professional Development: A Review Share This:

Collaborative Professional Development Opportunities for Teachers

Teacher professional development can be a frustrating experience. It is often dictated by the needs of the district, kind of a necessary evil. The district may be addressing new initiatives or the accreditation process. One option for teachers is to develop their own Personal Learning Network (PLN). I am a big fan of PLN’s. I…

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Technology Professional Development Tutorials

I recently finished teaching my first set of courses as Assistant Professor and Director of Educational Technology at Fairfield University. It was a great experience and I look forward to many more. My students created professional development tutorials for their final course assessment. They submitted some great products using various modes of presentation. They also…

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Be the Authority! 5 Tips for Improving Engagement and Learning

Ownership of learning is an important part of engagement. Students who take ownership and pride in their learning will be more engaged in the process and walk away from their work having learned more. I try to impress upon my high school psychology students that anyone who visits our class (administrators) should be able to…

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Online and Smartphone Resources for Improving Classroom Engagement and Assessment

I had the pleasure of participating in a learning event a couple weeks ago at Sacred Heart University. ┬áThe event known as Faculty Showcase: Teaching Innovations- Experiments from the Classroom was a great opportunity for college instructors to share ideas with each other about what does and does not work in each of our classrooms….

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