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Research Tools and Resources

In  my last post, I discussed possible strategies to use when conducting research in the classroom. There are multiple benefits to teaching proper research strategies. Click here for a discussion of things to consider when having students conduct research. These reasons include the teaching of Common Core State Standards and related 21st Century skills. Here…

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Using Research as a Learning Process

It is important for students to be able to evaluate resources when conducting research. At the beginning of many research projects, students are told they cannot use Wikipedia.  Do they know why Wikipedia is not appropriate for a research project. Do they know to ask any of the following questions?: What are the author’s credentials? Does…

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5 More Great Uses for Google Forms

I wrote a post a while back about 5 Great Ways to use Google Forms in the Classroom. I got a lot of positive feedback about the post so here are 5 more ideas! To review from my other Google Form post, questions available in Forms include: text, paragraph text, multiple choice, list, (likert) scale,…

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