Tech In Pedagogy

Tech Resources For Your Teaching

Optimizing Classroom Discussion with Student Devices

Educational technology is a valuable classroom tool, but budgetary constraints can hinder availability. Some school districts have the ability to provide devices to every student, while other districts struggle to provide one operational computer lab. Listed below are some technology resources that can enhance classroom discussion despite the budgeting issues that many districts face. Some…

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Online and Smartphone Resources for Improving Classroom Engagement and Assessment

I had the pleasure of participating in a learning event a couple weeks ago at Sacred Heart University. ┬áThe event known as Faculty Showcase: Teaching Innovations- Experiments from the Classroom was a great opportunity for college instructors to share ideas with each other about what does and does not work in each of our classrooms….

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Assessment Apps and Tools

Assessment is an important part of teaching. Parents and students often think of assessment as a test that we need to do well on so we get a good grade. A good teacher knows that this is not all there is to this concept. Assessments, especially formative assessments, help us determine how well our students…

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