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Lots of Great Online Resources and an Easy Way to Navigate Them

There is a page on the Techinpedagogy website that lists the resources I have come across since I started the site. It is useful, and the resources section is well organized. There is also a brief description of each resource and a link to each resource site. The page is not well structured if you…

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The Power of Storytelling in Teaching: Part 1

The ability to tell a good story is a real talent. Some people can make the process of going to get the mail sound like The Ulysses by James Joyce. I couldn’t tell you what some people’s stories were about because they put me to sleep too quick. Stories are important for entertainment, but they are…

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Research Tools and Resources

In  my last post, I discussed possible strategies to use when conducting research in the classroom. There are multiple benefits to teaching proper research strategies. Click here for a discussion of things to consider when having students conduct research. These reasons include the teaching of Common Core State Standards and related 21st Century skills. Here…

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8 Ways to Share Information with Students and Parents

In previous posts, I have written about the importance of communication as well as ways to build student communication skills. Here is an early post of mine about communication and collaboration in the classroom. In this post, however, I discuss ways for teachers to provide students and parents with ways to access class information. This…

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Tools that Promote Reflective Thinking Guest Post

Check out my guest post about Tools that Promote Reflective Thinking. Follow me on Twitter @JoshuaElliott3 for more tips and ideas. Share This:

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