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Global Newspaper Map: Online newspapers from around the world.


British Museum Interactive Site


Explorers – Game 1

Explorers – Game 2


Resource1: How do we know what we know about the Vikings?  Sail the stormy seas of the North Atlantic in your own longship and retrace the voyages of discovery and settlement to find the answers. Follow the path of the Norsemen from their homelands in Scandinavia to the shores of the New World to see how recent advances in archeologysaga studieshistoryenvironmental studies, and even human genetics are changing our understanding of the Vikings, their neighbors, and their descendants.

Resource 2: Play the game of ‘Viking Quest’, which takes you back to AD 793. Can you build a ship, cross the seas, loot a monastery and return home to claim your prize? Your chief has set the challenge, it’s up to you to respond.

Vikings Word Puzzle

Viking Name Converter

Nova Online:  The Vikings–Several parts to this site: (1) Explore a Viking Village; (2) Who Were the Vikings? (3) Secrets of the Norse Ships; (4) The Viking Diaspora; (5) Write Your Name in Runes; (6) Build a Tree-Ring Timeline.

The Lost Vikings of Greenland: Check out:  (1) Life in Greenland; (2) Homestead Ruins.

Tour of a Viking Ship


Click on Christopher Columbus to learn more about him.


All the World is Human: Activities on Cortez, Pizarro, Orellano, and Cabeza de Vaca.


Archiving Early America

Digital History

Jamestown Nat’l Geo

Jamestown Online Adventure

PBS Interactive History

US History -Philadelphia

13 Colonies

A Colonial Family and Community:  Be a history detective. Go back in time and investigate the daily lives of the Daggetts, a colonial family from northeastern Connecticut. Collect clues to uncover answers to 7 questions about colonial life in the 1700s. Then prove your skills as a history detective by discovering “What’s wrong with this picture?”

America in 1607:  Explore Jamestown and Explore Werowocomoco (the capital of the Powhatan Chiefdom).

Animated Atlas:  The Early Colonies: Jamestown and Chesapeake Bay–This section illustrates the areas covered by the charters established by King James I in 1606 to colonize Virginia, and the initial voyage which founded Jamestown.

Coins & Currency in Colonial America:  In this interactive, online exhibit, learn about varied coinage from all over the globe that influenced the currency we carry today. A glossary, top ten FAQs list, timeline, relative scale and value charts, zooming capability and sidebars all add layers of discovery to this expansive exhibit.

Colonial Life Game 1

Colonial Life Game 2

Colonial and Revolutionary Historical Songs

Colonial House–Interactive History:  A variety of interactive activities on the Colonial Time Period including–

(1) Panoramic View of Colonial Houses and the Land  (2) What was happening throughout North America in 1628?

(3) Would you have survived on the colony?              (4) What kind of clothing did the colonists wear?

(5) Videos of how people struggled in the new world (5) As governor, you embark on a journey to the new world

(6) Other interactive activities– ‘Tis a Very Dirty Manner of Life, Pilgrim’s Progress; Myth Conceptual Quiz, Cottage   Quest Quiz.

Colonial House–Media Gallery:  From snapshots of the training to vistas of the scenery to insights from the colonists, this section captures specific moments from the Colony and the experience. Video and audio clips present the participants as they assess 1628 from a contemporary perspective. Large-sized photos and captions demonstrate both the beauty and the drudgery of life on the Colony. And a map, hand drawn by one of the colonists, portrays the Colony through the eyes of those who lived there.

Colonial Period Game

Colonial Williamsburg:  A variety of slideshows of Williamsburg.

Experience Jamestown:  (1) Click on Stories of a Nation then click on View the Commercial at the bottom right (after the commercial is over click on the X in the upper right hand corner of the commercial).  Then, click on the different people to learn more about Jamestown and the people that lived during that time period; (2) Make sure you are back on the original page, then check out:  Prequel:  The Voyage; Episode 1:  The Starving Time; Episode 2:  The Virginia Indians.

Investigating the First Thanksgiving:  You will discover clues about what really happened at the 1621 Harvest Celebration.

Jamestown: You are the Captain of the Jamestown Colony:  Can you do any better than the real colonists? You will have a copy of the London Company’s Instructions to help guide you. Also, you can ask your fellow colonists and the Native Americans for advice. Be careful, though, because some advice is better than others!

Jamestown Live webcast:  Click on LOG ONTO JAMESTOWN LIVE and select Windows Users–High Speed to view the webcast.

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Our America: Colonial Period: This website provides a variety of activities including:  Learn about the Colonial Period; Read Diary Entries From the Time Period; Explore a Related Activity about the First Thanksgiving; Make Arts & Crafts; Write A Journal Entry; Design a Period Home Interior.

Secrets of the Dead:  Death at Jamestown & Interactive Explore Jamestown.

The Life of Pocahontas: This is more of an elementary site.

Three Worlds Collide: This online exhibit was created to explore the meeting of these three worlds collide–Africa, America, and Europe. The story is presented in chapters that consist of a uniquely illustrated narrative, important event nodes, an extensive bibliography with live links to other online resources, and–perhaps most importantly – insightful video commentary from some of the most respected Jamestown historians alive today. You can also use the teachers’ guide that is included with this online exhibit to extend your exploration of this interesting subject either on your own or as part of a curriculum.

Think you’ve got what it takes to build a plantation from scratch? Build, plant, harvest and survive in this highly engaging simulation.

Video clips of the following:  Pocahontas Marries John Rolfe–Pocahontas, daughter of the chief of the Powhatan Indian confederacy, marries English tobacco planter John Rolfe in Jamestown, Virginia; Save Our History:  The Godspeed–A close look at the construction of the Godspeed (replica) and her maiden voyage.

Video Demonstrations of Early American Tools

Virtual Jamestown:  (1) Interactive map of John Smith’s vogages; (2) Virtual Panoramas of John White’s Village of Pomeiooc and Jamestown Fort; (3) Patterns of Settlement Maps.

You are the Archeologist:  Two new interactive archaeology modules have been designed to allow you to discover how archaeology is done at Jamestown Rediscovery.

You be the Historian:  See if you can figure out what life was like 200 years ago for Thomas and Elizabeth Springer’s family in New Castle, Delaware.

Salem Witchcraft

Salem Witchcraft Hysteria: Experience the trials . . . Will you survive?

Secrets of the Dead:  The Witches Curse–Interactive timeline

Revolutionary Period

An Interactive Map of Paul Revere’s Ride.

Animated Atlas: Animated Atlas covering beginning of the war in April of 1775 when minutemen and other militias of colonists attacked a British expedition sent to Lexington and Concord. The British retreated back to Boston, where they were held by the Americans.

Famous Moments in Early American History:  Each film in the ‘Famous Moments’ series highlights a true story of historical significance, providing ‘students’ of early America with a better understanding of the people, places and events of this important era. Of added interest for viewers, each film tells its story using scenes and portraits from the Early American Digital Library. Many of the images are primary source documents–engravings, woodcuts and drawings that date back to the early to mid-1800s.

Liberty Perspectives: (1) Daily Life in the Colonies:  Discover what rural life was like on an 18th-century Colonial farm; (2) The Global Village: Find out what was happening in the world at the time of the Revolution; (3) Military Perspectives: Compare the real-life differences between American and British soldiers.

Listen to “Jack Jouett’s Ride” –The lyrics in the song relate Jack Jouett’s ride to warn Thomas Jefferson that the British were coming!

Listen to “Remember the Ladies” — The lyrics in the song relate events and conditions described by Abigail Adams in her letters. Each verse begins with “Dear John” to accentuate that it was through letter writing that Adams was able to express her views. It is our great fortune that she provided us this legacy of the insight of the times.

Our America:  Revolutionary War— This website provides a variety of activities including:  Learn About the Revolutionary War; Read Diary Entries From the Time Period; Make Arts & Crafts; Write A Journal Entry; Design a Period Home Interior.

Revolutionary and Colonial Historical Songs

The Road to Revolution:  Test your knowledge about the American Revolution, and see if you can navigate your way to independence. Every correct answer gets you closer to liberty!

The Mount Vernon Virtual Tour

Video clips on:  Washington’s Farewell–U.S. Senators read George Washington’s farewell address; Presidential Precedents–As the first President of the United States, George Washington knew he was setting an example for every president to come; America’s First Spymaster–The history of espionage in America goes all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

20th Century American History

JFK Challenge: App from John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, bring American history to life by turning students into NASA and Peace Corps trainees ready to accept President Kennedy’s charge to accomplish great things and make a difference in the world.


A game on the Bill of Rights.

Activity:  If You Were President, How Would You Run the Country?

Declaration of Independence— Like pilgrims flocking to a holy site, more than a million people each year visit the Rotunda of the National Archives to see the Declaration of Independence. Some are startled by its worn appearance, so unlike the pristine copies hanging in elementary schools across the country. When Americans think of the Declaration, they often have in mind a much more legible copy called the Stone Engraving made in 1823 and used as the model for countless classroom posters. But Mary Lynn Ritzenthaler and Kitty Nicholson know differently. These National Archives conservators have examined every letter and smudge and crease of the original, documenting the effects of two centuries of loving but imperfect handling. In this interactive, pore over the faded original yourself, compare it to the Stone Engraving, and read the conservators’ notes detailing some of the damage done.

Election and Politics – Comic Strips, Vocab., Puzzles, etc.

Government Game:  A game over the three branches of government.

Grabel & Associates Branches of Government: Law firm website with information on government and legal topics for discussion. Possible resource for government, civics, law, and forensic courses.

Interactive Constitution

Presidents— Click on a presidential number to learn more.

Presidents Game 1

Presidents Game 2

Presidents Game 3


The American Presidency:  A Glorious Burden–Interactive Activities–(1) The President Has Many Roles; (2) All the President’s Children; (3) Children Write to the President; (4) The President’s Seal; (5) Polling:  Your Opinion Counts.

The Democracy Project–Three Interactive Parts:  (1) Be President for a Day; (2) How Does Government Affect Me; (3) Step Inside the Voting Booth.

The Duties of the Three Branches of Government

Tour of the Federal Government–There are interactive quizzes at the end of each section.

Quizzes: A variety of quizzes from

Black History

Jim Crowe Simulations

Interactive Underground Railroad

Rosa Parks

Civil Rights Movement Game

Abolition Word Puzzle

Coretta Scott King Word Puzzle

Underground Railroad Song Samples

Culture and Change

During the time of slavery

Gullah Net

Virtual Tours of Historic Places

Learn about the Tuskegee Airmen

Lest We Forget

Historical Freedom

Slave quarters at the McLeod Plantation

On an Underground Railroad Song

Lyndon Johnson’s Speech

Virtual Tour of Martin Luther King’s home

Martin Luther King Speech

Martin Luther King Speech – I’ve been to the Mountain Top

Robert Kennedy Remarks on Assassination of Martin Luther King

Civil Rights movement Timeline

Black History Matching Game

Fight for Rights History Challenge

Africa Sources

Center for African Studies: Interactive Websites for Classroom Use

Interactive Africa: The place where ideas are made into reality

Africa: Geography Maps -Map Game

AfricaNews: New website Africa Interactive –

Set Your Sites on Africa: Internet Resources for Teachers

Teacher’s Idea Bank: Links to Free Lesson Plans on African

Teaching about Africa: Curriculum – Lesson Plans for K-12


China from the Inside –

Sound Map-

Interactive Website for Kids-

Included on this site- Calligraphy-

British Museum- Ancient China-

Crafts and Artisans- Include in this section an interactive game where students learn more about silkworm cultivation.

Geography- Interactive Map of Terrain, Ancient China, etc. Challenge is for younger students.

Time- Excellent Questions in the Intro.  Use an Interactive Timeline in the Explore Section.

Tombs and Ancestors- Excellent Interactive section in Explore where students look inside a Zhou Dynasty Tomb.

Writing- Try to figure out the meaning of pictograms in the Challenge section.


Ancient India- British Museum Website.

Mughal India- British Museum Website


East and Southeast Asia– History of Japan-Very detailed website of links. You have to look through the content to see if anything is of use.

Enter Edo– Interactive section allows you to listen to several Japanese musical instruments.

Interactive Japanese Castle

Interactive Maps of Japan- This site includes several interactive maps-GPS, etc.  It also has links to beautiful pictures of  Japanese temples and shrines.

Interactive Timeline– Japan 1850-1950 Excellent site detailing political, cultural and economic events in Japan over this century.

National Geographic- Remembers Pearl Harbor. Detailed account explaining the events of December 7th, 1941.

PBS- Memoirs of a Secret Empire– Outstanding Website.

Travel Tokaido– Click on sections of the road and learn more about Japanese culture and politcs.

Visit Japan- Good site showing pictures of various regions. Good introductory site.

Middle East

College of Dupage Middle East Culture Page: This site contains excellent links on the role of women in Islam.

Islamic Architecture

Middle East Online: Great links to current events, culture and national profiles.

Muslim Heritage Website

National Geographic


PBS – Global Connections: Follow links to information on monotheism, geography, spread of Islam and more.  Excellent overview of origins of monotheistic.  It has a map with clickable nations, which reveals the ethno-linguistic breakdown

PBS – Islam: Empire of Faith

Religion Facts

The Middle Eastern Culture Page

Western Civilization

Ancient Civilizations




Other Egypt sites


Battle of the Atlantic


Muck and Brass

Middle Ages

Absolutism- French Revolution

NAPOLEON on The History Channel

Learning Road .net – Congress of Vienna

Waldensian Cultural Centre Foundation

Italy Unification – Paradox Interactive Forums

Spielvogel Interactive Maps


New Imperialism – World History – FREE presentations in PowerPoint … 

Imperialism Interactive Syllabus



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